How to Select a WordPress Blog Theme

The vital thing that will come to one’s mind, when made the decision to set a blog on a topic they can be interested in, is selection of the theme or design for his or her blog. There are number of blogging programs like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc. If you do a browse Google for the blogging platforms, you will get a collection of those. Among all, WordPress is most popular and has thousands of websites built using this platform. It can be Open Origin project and is liberal to use. Montana

In this article, I will let you know how to choose a WordPress(WP) theme. A WP theme is nothing at all but a piece of software used to build your blog. It has various templates or files which work together in the background to offer you the desired look and feel for your website. Following the below tips enable you to select your blog theme easily and efficiently. 

1. Category: This kind of means what is your blog exactly about. It specifies the sort of audience you want to target your site to. For example, if you need to write down a blog about canines, then your blog comes under the Pets category. Or if you like to target to the people enthusiastic about cooking then you category would be Food. Finding your category helps you to find the appropriate theme and so saving your time and effort in the process of setting it up someday later it was fixing it. There are designs in every major category starting from Travel to Music to Business. You can find these at the WP Theme directory at number of websites like Free wordpress themes, Daily Blog tips, t hemestudio.

installment payments on your Colors and layouts: Some individuals like to have their favorite colors to their blogs. So, try getting your themes in those colors as much as possible but this may well not be possible always although there are hundreds of WP themes which match every desire. Also there is an additional in by using a theme of your chosen color as you do not need to change a lot in the theme to get your color. But I recommend not to focus much on this aspect because it is not too tough to change it later when you are comfortable with the code to it. Rather concentrate on the layout of the theme. Decide on which kind of structure you want. Brows through the set of themes you have at WordPress. org and other websites sited above. This kind of will give you an idea of how it appears to be and then you may easily make a decision. Right now there are number of designs available, but popular are:

Single Column

Two Steering column (With Sidebar)

Two Line (Without Sidebar)

Three Line

Four column

Fixed thickness

Fluid width

Also there are several layouts specifically made for Photographs centered and Videos concentrated blogs. I feel you have to select a theme which you can put up with it for permanent as you are the main one who sessions your blog the most. Experiment some themes with some test posts and pages. Comment them, rank them and see how your selected theme appears. This can be the best way to ensure you have the right theme. Do not see the blog theme from your own point of view but from your reader’s standpoint.

3. Purpose of your blog: This is very important as this will help you to select your theme for the long term. If you need to write a blog only that you can port out your thoughts and thoughts, you do not need to give much importance to many other areas of your blog like advertisements, widgets, etc. Yet if you blog to help others like here you are presently reading, or to generate profits away of it, then you need to also consider nothing else things in addition to the above ones. Some things you need to consider are, if that theme aids advertisements without much adjusting and turning the code, does the theme helps the widgets or plug ins, like RSS, Protection from Spam comments, Search engine optimization, etc. By predetermined for those who have signed up for a WordPress blog, you will be provided with default themes. You can use them or choose your own from surfing WordPress’s own free WP themes or other Paid out WP theme websites. These web sites provide professional looking topics with excellent support.

4. Support: Ensure you will get the support you needed while using the theme from the theme author or website owner. I have seen many times, that the site owner from where the theme is downloaded could not able to ensure that the user who have downloaded and used it for their blog as they are not developed by himself but somebody different and he is merely promoting them. If this is the truth when you need the support most, then it would lead to frustration and waste of time for you.

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