Need to Hire An Electrician / Electrical Contractor? Follow These Do’s And Don’ts

Selecting the right contractor for all electrical works is not an easy task. If you randomly choose an electrician from the online directory, it may result in choosing the wrong person that ultimately leads to the ramification of financial disastrous and even household safety hazards.

Consider Qualification and Experience

The electrician must obtain the basic electricity works’ training and he must be experienced enough in dealing with different types of electricity works. It is imperative to question him about his qualification and experience in this field.

Licensed and Bonded

The contractor for all electrical works must be licensed and bonded as it is an essential criterion for hiring the right person. In addition, he should have adequate general liability insurance. When you are going to hire a group of electricians for your entire household works or commercial place works, make sure that the company must have proper compensation insurance for the workers.

Emergency Service?

Let’s assume that there is a sudden electric short circuit at your home and you need immediate help from the electrician. Now if your chosen electrician does not respond to the emergency call, there is no use of contacting the company or the individual electrician. Hence, you should be prepared beforehand by finding an electrician or electrical contractor who will reach to your place immediately.

However, if you need to fix a light (which you can also do later) that has stopped working, you don’t need to ask the electrician whether he provides emergency service. While enquiring about the emergency service, you should ask the company or person whether they take additional charge for it.

Compare the Bids

When you have a plan for an extensive range of electricity works for your household, it is always better to ask for multiple bids from different electrician companies. Some people have a tendency to get multiple bids for every little job. However, the fact is that putting to bid for every little job may actually backfire. Good electricians are few and asking them multiple bids doe small works may cause them alienated from your work. It is better to focus on it from their point of view as after their time is precious. Therefore, you should ask for bidding when you have an extensive range of electricity works. Once you get the bids, compare the rates in various points of view. It is not always wise to go with the lowest bidding price as there is a chance that the contractor may compromise with the quality of the electrical equipment.

Prefer Instant Response from the Electrician

A good electrician will respond to your call instantly and show interest to perform your work by giving a free estimate within a reasonable amount of time. In fact, they will preferably visit your place to give the exact estimate.

Consider Professionalism of the Company

While choosing a contractor for all electrical works, you need to consider the professionalism of the person or his company. Whether he follows the uniform of his company with the proper logo or carries the cards containing the name of the company and license number.

Consider these factors before hiring the right electrician or electrical company for your residence or commercial place.

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