Hair Loss Hair Restoration Conference On Future Hair Industry Direction

Changes hair loss hair refurbishment conference held at Algunas Vegas November 2006 information on changes and developments in hair loss and treatments. The hair damage conference provided hair reduction diagnostic, hair thinning treatment and future direction in the hair loss industry. middel tegen haaruitval

The current issue focus was hair loss and hairloss influence on personal pain. This kind of issue is often overlooked and gets little attention by baldness experts in the industry. Hair reduction influences 80 million American people and while it is not life-threatening, it can cause emotional problems. “Being self conscience of losing hair, the appearance of new bald areas on the scalp or even tHair Losshe fear of in order to full hair again are part of the issues of hair thinning pain”, said Marvin Friedman, Nu Hair director at, who joined the conference. “How desperately can it hurt that one is not part of society that dictates junior and beauty of full hair as the usual? ” This issue could be a major concern that results the hair loss locks restoration field looking into solutions and advertizing areas.

Some might believe mental anguish of hairloss is not as important as other mental or physical problems. But a recent research shows a good correlation between hair loss, self confidence and achievement. Hair loss pain is a key aspect of an individual’s behavior when it comes to self-confidence or self esteem. Locks loss pain issue is exacerbated in men who may cringe at the thought of a doctor visit. If a man is uncomfortable visiting the doctor, he may be not as likely to ask questions, point out symptoms or force for tests. According to a survey sponsored by Men’s Health magazine twenty-five percent of men said they even lie to their doctors, because they are afraid the doctors will get mad, they fear bad news or they’re just embarrassed. In accordance to Friedman, “In certain hair loss pattern, surgery hair transplants can never materialize as an option due to the shortage of natural hair from the individual donor. These kinds of patients in most circumstances have one main choice, using non surgical locks replacement or cosmetic wigs. A good quality frizzy hair piece system can eliminate hairloss anxiety supplying and balancing the necessary absent hair to look years younger without surgery. Extra cosmetic hair piece and wig info is submitted at

Hair damage treatments discussed in the conference are

o Hair reduction surgery, hair transplants

o Non surgical hair replacement such as hair pieces and wigs hair extension

o Hair growth drugs results by Rogaine, Propecia

o Laser light hair growth therapy

“I know it’s hard to keep up with the hair thinning industry development, but this gathering was very informative, ‘ Marvin Friedman. He added that reputable people in the industry delivered insight on the future of hair recovery, including surgical hair transplants and non surgical frizzy hair replacements. It’s no key that baldness is a $1 billion 12 months industry.

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